Kim is still #1 in somebody’s book, unfortunately. — 5 Comments

  1. My wife bought me a Ninja Blender. The settings are Stealth, Black Belt, and Spinning Star of Death. I just want to mix-up food, not fight with it.

  2. Thousands of years ago men had breasts; imagine if they still did. Men’s T-shirts would boast, “Hey, my boobs are down here!” Breast-feeding in public would be mandatory. Bill Cosby would have raped Brad Pitt.

  3. On “CBS This Morning” Joe Biden said, “Having been a receiver, I like a softer ball.” Ok, but Joe how do you feel about deflated footballs?

  4. Email ad for the Westminster Kennel show “See your favorite dogs for this February only $30.” Of course New York bargain hunters can wait six weeks and get cheap seats for the Mets.

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