“Python on the Bathroom Floor” was a hit for Adam Ant. — 15 Comments

  1. People have been getting ripped off since the beginning of creation. It started when Adam and Eve signed up for

  2. So, just who is this Joni Ernst? Simply put, she’s a Sarah Palin who can speak in complete sentences and not appear to be a psychotic loon when she’s on camera, except maybe when she’s discussing hog castration.

  3. Brad Johnson paid $7,500 to have footballs altered in Super Bowl XXXVII. Nobody has paid that much to have balls shrunk since Bruce Jenner.

  4. A fisherman caught a rare frilled shark in Victorian waters that has 300 teeth. That’s more teeth than the entire population of Kentucky.

  5. Today is National Hug Day. My friend in Arkansas tweeted me that he hugged his wife and sister. And she hugged him back.

  6. The Super Bowl is coming up. I long for the old days of football when the only deflation was Joe Namath wearing pantyhose.

  7. They say the Patriots used deflated balls to beat the Colts. Considering the score was 45-7, I’d say the Colts had the deflated balls.

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