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  1. Anti marijuana forces conjure up scientific studies to show marijuana is a “gateway” drug that leads to the use of heavy drugs yet no one says anything about the ultimate gateway drug, milk. 100% of heroin and cocaine users started out on milk as a kid, and as for guys that are sex addicts, consider the delivery containers used for their first “fix”.

  2. Former Raven Ray Lewis was quoted as saying “the only reason we know who Tom Brady is because of The Tuck Rule”. New England QB Tom Brady replied “the only reason we know who Ray Lewis is because of CSI Atlanta”.

  3. Ohio State’s football hero, QB Cardale Jones has decided to stay in school rather than declare himself eligible for this year’s NFL Draft. Everyone is saying that this is the absolute right decision for him, except the Buckeye’s 4th string QB.

  4. Hugh Winfield, the Marlboro Man has died at age 85. His family is relieved as they no longer will have to listen to that theme song from “The Magnificent Seven” he constantly played – which drove everyone crazy.

  5. Fox executives are in discussion to revive “The X-Files.” The new updated version will star Taylor Swift and be called “The Ex-Files.”

  6. Former NBA player and CBS sports analyst Greg Anthony has been arrested for solicitation of a prostitute. Anthony may no longer play in the NBA, but he’s still ballin’.

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