Well, punk, do you feel lucky? — 6 Comments

  1. An Ohio bartender is accused of threatening to poison John Boehner. I think it’s more than a threat–he’s been putting Agent Orange in Boehner’s drinks.

  2. Saki tastes like warm weasel milk. Which is fine if you are a baby weasel living in the shadow of Mount Fuji! Otherwise, no domo ahra gottu.

  3. An Illinois man admitted stabbing his movie date over 20 times because she “annoyed him.” Now the big question is: What was Sarah Palin doing in Illinois?

  4. Cops in a small Idaho town are experimenting with text messaging to fight crime. So far, not so good. They’ve gotten 100 texts of, “For sure her boobs aren’t real!”

  5. Darrell Hugh Winfield, long-time Marlboro Man, died at age 85. He will be cremated and his remains kept in an ashtray.

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