Overwhelming! — 7 Comments

  1. The world’s biggest Rubik’s Cube was solved in 7.5 hours by the world’s biggest nerd. It was so large it barely fit in his mother’s basement.

  2. An obese dachshund dropped 43 pounds. I bet the dog’s owner had no trouble teaching him to stay. It’s sad when you’re so fat you can’t find your balls to lick them. The dog lost the weight by eating lots of ruffage.

  3. New research shows blonde models are poor at selling bras; at least to women that is. Redheads and brunettes score much better. Take that gorgeous blondes, we refuse to buy your trashy, lacy, underwire lingerie…

  4. Sarah Palin’s son used the family dog as a step stool, sparking outrage. Hey, the kid just needed a boost to see Russia through the kitchen window.

  5. Toymaker Hasbro is in damage control mode because one of its Play-Doh toys is shaped like a penis. One thing they could do is sell the toy under a new name: Dil-Doh.

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