Happy new year! — 18 Comments

  1. It wasn’t nearly that cold in Los Angeles for New Years, of course even with my hands in the pockets the balls did freeze off my pool table, and my cue seems to be a little shorter.

  2. A California couple exchanged vows at Costco. Each promised to love, honor, and buy in bulk. They were then bombarded with 20 pounds of rice.

  3. Krispy Kreme founder William Lewis Rudolph died at the age of 95. There will be a memorial service with special guest speaker Chris Christie.

  4. A video appears to show Kim Jong Un piloting a plane. I’m guessing the in-flight movie wasn’t “The Interview.”

  5. That magazine cover of Kim Kardashian’s butt was kind of freaky. I mean, her rear end definitely made her butt look too big.

  6. Music in 2015 is about niches…Christian inspired Harmonica Blues that tear the joint down. His version of “House Of The Rising Sun/Amazing Grace” is worth the price alone. Huh>?

  7. When I went to China, they served me a Kit-Kat bar made of real cats. It’s dangerous there because you never know what you’re eating. I ordered pressed-duck and it had tire marks on it…

  8. AMC showed episodes of “The Walking Dead” all day New Year’s Day. At my house New Year’s Day it was more like “The Crawling Dead.”

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