On a boat, I guess.

TC in BC says:

Can you imagine a world where there existed a West Korea, or East Korea? How about East Dakota/Carolina or West Dakota and West Carolina? Why not East or West America? How come there’s a Far East but not a Far South? Anyways, when I retire, I think I’ll move to East Virginia.


On a boat, I guess. — 23 Comments

  1. A study done by the British Medical Journal claims at least half of Dr. Oz’s medical advice is bogus. Brush after every meal, Phooey!!

  2. An eggnog-chugging contest led to a hospital stay for a Utah man. Add some fruitcake and he would have been pushing up daisies.

  3. Researchers have dated the oldest stone tool ever found at roughly 1.2 million years old. A neighbor borrowed it and never gave it back claims Larry King.

  4. A California gun range has put up a billboard bearing the image of Santa Claus toting an automatic rifle. I wouldn’t want to be on Santa’s naughty list.

  5. Dude buys a brand new 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat with 707 horsepower and totals it within the first hour. Dude says the airbag went off and scared him. Dude says the last time she yelled that loud was when he bought the Olds 442 back in 68.

  6. An Ohio man was ordered to take down his zombie nativity scene. A zombie nativity just doesn’t make sense–the wisemen and shepherds wouldn’t have arrived ’til Spring.

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