Exit strategy? — 12 Comments

  1. A Swiss McDonald’s accidentally showed porn to customers. “Would you like big brown eyes with that?” New slogan: “I’m lovin’ tit!”

  2. A report on Airport Security says in contrast to Licensed Manicurists, who must complete 400 hours of training, LAX armed guards only receive a 54 hour course before strapping on a gun. Sounds like this story nails it.

  3. Delta will offer five different seat choices in 2015 depending on the comfort and tranquility you want. The George Clooney Experience, the Joe Biden Experience, the Joaquin Phoenix Experience, the George Zimmerman Experience. And for those willing to do anything to save a buck, The Bill Cosby Experience.

  4. President Obama went on Comedy Central’s Colbert Report to sell his agenda. Democrats said it was inspired. Republicans said Fox wouldn’t let then stay up that late.

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