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  1. Police in Houston are on the hunt for a man and his infant son after the boy’s mother was found dead in a refrigerator in her apartment. Police are treating this as a cold case.

  2. Growing up I wanted to marry a woman that looked like voluptuous Jessica Rabbit. Instead, I settled for a hare-brained bitch who resembles Cruella DeVille. Woof!

  3. England’s Prince William and his wife are visiting President Obama in Washington this week. The president took a whole day out of his busy schedule of doing nothing with Congress to do nothing with the royal couple.

  4. Arnold Schwarzenegger says his son Patrick’s new girlfriend Miley Cyrus is very cute. But she’s definitely not maid to order.

  5. I had my 2013 Buick serviced today. They gave me a nice calendar for 2015 with 12 nice vintage pics of GM vehicles. I asked if there was anything special about the cars depicted – the guy told me that none of them were ever recalled.

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