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  1. Pre-1965 US quarters have a “melt-value” for their 90% silver…that’s like saying: “Hey, old dudes, I might be able to get you $4.00 for your spleen and left kidney.”

  2. The city of Burien, Washington, has made offensive body odor illegal.
    No coincidence that Burien is right next door to R. M. Pitt, Washington.

  3. New Hampshire Police airplane clocked a 19-year-old male driving 127 MPH. Told the cops he just washed the Vette and couldn’t do a thing with it.

  4. Living in France, I saw my share of striped-shirt wearing drunks with pasty faces, wearing berets. God, it’s so true that a Mime is a terrible thing to waste…

  5. If my wife insists that we “draw names” again for her freaky side of the family this Christmas, I may lose my mind and draw blood.

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