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  1. Former DC Mayor Marion Berry passed away last weekend. Little known fact about him: He had presidential aspirations. One time when asked about his drug use he said, “I did not have snort with that cocaine.”

  2. My friend Shane absolutely loved her trip to Germany. People were constantly thanking her for things she had not even done…”Danke Schoen!”

  3. If an anvil fell on your foot, would you wait 20 year’s before yelling “OOOWWW?” That’s what seems kind of weird about the Bill Cosby allegations.

  4. Jonas Gray was a Patriot’s practice roster player.
    The coaches hid him there knowing they had a real sleeper on their hands.
    He had his breakout game vs Indianapolis rushing for 201 yds and scoring 4 TDs.
    He then missed a team practice the following week by sleeping in, and was subsequently benched.

    “I don’t always sleep in, but when I do, I make sure its to miss an important team meeting”.

    He IS THE MOST Sleepiest Man in The World!

    “Stay awake, my friends”.

  5. A majority of voters in a recent poll think the Kentucky Wildcats would win a 7-game series vs. the Philadelphia 76ers. But could Kentucky beat a professional basketball team?

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