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  1. Due to a growing list of sexual assault allegations, Bill Cosby has forfeited the title of “America’s Dad” to Jim Bob Duggar.

  2. The Buffalo Bills were offering $10hr and 2 tickets to Sunday’s game vs the Jets for clearing 90 inches of snow that hit the stadium. Terrell Owens’ agent called and said that T.O. would work for $10hr and would be available as a wide receiver for the same pay.

    (game has now been “switched” (apologies to Adrian Peterson) to Detroit Monday.

  3. Tiger and his camp are not happy with an “imaginary” interview by writer Dan Jenkins in this month’s Golf Digest. Eldrick called the article “hitting below the belt”, as it was made fun of his reputation for poor tipping and firing everyone around him.

    I’ll bet that Tiger has lots of “imaginary” stuff happening himself:

    Tiger imagines the time when he locked his phone so Elin couldn’t read his text messages.

    Tiger imagines winning his next major, The 2015 Masters, then Lindsey Vonn and a bunch of cocktail waitresses come running onto the 18th green.

    Tiger imagines living in a house where there are no obstacles in his driveway, like trees and fire hydrants.

    Tiger imagines making more commercials than Peyton Manning.

    Tiger imagines making any commercials at all these days.

    Tiger imagines actually going to Perkins Pancake House for food.

  4. Mike Golic of ESPN’s “Mike and Mike” recreated the nearly nude Kim Kardashian pose after he lost a bet when Northwestern beat Notre Dame. For the sake of humanity, nobody make that same bet with John Madden.

  5. Former NFL star Jason Brown has given up football to farm. In related news, former NFL player Michael Sam is also doing some plowing.

  6. An S.A.T. prep service is using Kim Kardashian’s booty to explain geometry. According to Steven Hawking, it has to do with hole numbers.

    • I’m no Steven Hawking, Bill, but even counting ears and nostrils and excluding strange surgeries, I’m thinking that Kim will max out at seven holes, assuming those are her real eyeballs.

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