The maintenance crew filled the tanks with melted butter. — 9 Comments

  1. The heat has gone out of the Subway where I work. They won’t let us go home, so we’re making sandwiches in parkas and knit hats. Frankly, I’m sick of working in these Sub- Artic conditions.

  2. I was at a party where they were serving jello shooters. The last thing I remember was having a few, then waking up on a couch not knowing where I was – with a Bill Cosby CD in my hand.

  3. A list made by an Australian man on why he ended a relationship with his girlfriend has gone viral. One reason he listed was that she was rude to his cat. Millions of women are now trying to find his number.

  4. Kim Kardashian described her nude photo shoot as an “art project.” So I put it on my refrigerator with a magnet. But to protect my 8-year-old I taped over the dirty part. The face.

  5. The Beer Mile — participants must drink one beer, run a lap then do it over three more times — was too much for Lance Armstrong who dropped out after just one lap. He could have finished easy enough but for old habits. After every beer he had to pee in a cup.

  6. Some women’s equality groups are calling for “Pink Viagra,” a pill for female sexual disfunction. Men all know the only thing that works for female sexual disfunction is the green pill. Green Back Dollars.

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