Woof! — 10 Comments

  1. This latest pre-Winter frigid onslaught portends another Polar Vortex Prediction (PVD), which makes me motivated to find my wooly BVDs…

  2. A lot of outrage about some stores opening on Thanksgiving which keeps employees from spending time with their families. But have to wonder, considering how many families are “messy,” how many people are trying not to smile when they say “Gosh, folks, I’d LOVE to stay longer but I have to go to work?”

  3. An Oklahoma judge ordered an oil magnate to pay his wife a divorce settlement of nearly $1 billion. Or as the Koch Brothers call it, two senators and a president.

  4. A British guy set a new speed record of 207 MPH on a rocket-powered bicycle. But if you think that was fast, you should see the Chihuahua that chased him.

  5. California has finally finished the Arnold Schwarzenegger Library. I guess you can call it a library. It has only one book. How to clean the Governor’s clock.

  6. My family has an unusual coat-of-arms. It’s an actual old, stained coat. Our credo is: Definitely not too proud to beg…

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