Don’t let the Bridgegate hit ya. — 7 Comments

  1. A PA clerk foiled a would-be robbery by spraying a can of Raid wasp killer in the masked woman’s face. Good thing the robber wasn’t Jewish.

  2. “Breaking Bad” dolls sold at Toys ‘R Us spark online petition by Florida mom who doesn’t like the idea of an action figure of Walter White and two other gangsters on the shelves next to Barbie. Is a sales spike far behind?

  3. Last week the Catholic Bishop’s Council said gays were welcome in the Catholic church. This week they say, gays go away. *Looks like a case of “Queen for a Day.”

  4. Oscar Pistorius got 5 years for killing his girlfriend. South African justice is a lot like Hollywood justice. *If he’d just made an honest woman of her and gotten married he’d be a free man now.

  5. Denver warned parents to keep watch for marijuana-laced candy this Halloween. The Kirstie Alley method is best. *Eat all the candy yourself.

  6. An Oklahoma woman allegedly told restaurant workers Jesus Christ would soon arrive to pay her bill, but he was a no-show, police said. Heck, Jesus didn’t even pick up the tab for his last supper.

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