I guess it wasn’t a secret. — 9 Comments

  1. I get this Email, there’s a sexual predator in the neighborhood. I figure they’re either warning me. Or they’re on to me.

  2. A-Rod is serious about his return to Major League Baseball next year. Serious enough to make him train like an NFL player. Already beat up three girlfriends, and all three have agreed to marry him.

  3. Nice ‪#‎Friendsarewaiting‬ Budweiser commercial about the guy who stays with friends instead of driving home drunk. But it doesn’t show the dog pee somewhere all over the floor….

  4. Two passengers who were vomiting on the plane caused an entire United flight from Brussels to Newark to be quarantined for several hours on arrival. If vomit is enough to spark Ebola fears these days, there are going to be a lot of delays for folks flying home from Las Vegas.

  5. The lone Ebola virus patient in the United States remains hospitalized in strict isolation. This means Paris Hilton is no longer the most dangerous disease carrier in the US.

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