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  1. McDonald’s restaurants in Hong Kong have unveiled the Batman burger. Unfortunately, the high cost has some customers feeling like McDonald’s is robin them.

  2. Researchers in the UK developed a burger containing human “meat.” Yuck. When I go to the Golden Arches, I do NOT want a Quarter Pounder of Flesh.

  3. Some cynics are claiming that Chelsea Clinton’s baby was perfectly timed for media impact. Ridiculous. As if anyone looking for maximum publicity would ever time an event to coincide with George Clooney’s wedding.

  4. Director of the Secret Service has just resigned. Seems no one was on the fence about her future at The White House.

  5. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been hospitalized with two broken ankles, apparently from wearing heels and being overweight. When his ankle extension surgery is completed, he will be the same height as his buddy Dennis Rodman.

  6. Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs broke a Guinness book record for loudest stadium noise level at 142.2 decibels. Of course this noise record would be absolutely demolished by Dublin, Ireland’s 82,300 seat Croke Park if they ever ran out of Guinness there.

  7. Tiger Woods wants to open a restaurant near his home in Jupiter, Florida. Rumor has it that it will be a golf themed Perkins pancake house.

    Will Bubba Watson open a Waffle House nearby?

  8. Bad news: Michael Phelps arrested for DUI. Good news: While intoxicated, Michael Phelps did not get charged for doing the breast stroke.

  9. The Pentagon announced another air strike designed to improve security. This time they hit Secret Service headquarters.

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