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  1. Mariam al-Mansour, that female Arab fighter pilot has the same goal as the terrorists she’s bombing. Virgins in Heaven. Only she plans to put some there.

  2. George Clooney got married. To a lawyer! They vow to do everything together. On Sunday they’ll rest. Monday thru Wednesday, make movies. Thursday thru Saturday, chase ambulances.

  3. GM has introduced a self driving Cadillac. Its software will control acceleration, braking and steering. The car also uses GPS technology to drive itself back to the dealer when GM recalls it.

  4. ESPN has suspended Bill Simmons on the heels of disciplining another commentator Steve Smith for remarks on the Ray Rice scandal. Next they will go after Chris Berman for calling Jets receiver Chris “I’m Going to” Decker as one of his trademark nicknames.

  5. A British employer was arrested for paying a worker only in tobacco, sweets, and beer. A job like that would attract 5K applicants in Kentucky.

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