#2 is #1! — 9 Comments

  1. A mass of migrating monarch butterflies was so huge it was spotted on weather radar. Wow, this means the NSA and the NWS can track Chris Christie’s movements.

  2. A study found that chimps raised by humans have lifelong behavioral problems. Apparently, researchers examined the cast of “Jersey Shore.”

  3. Apple released and pulled iOS 8.0.1 on the same day. Apparently because the update caused dropped calls and disabled some new iPhone 6’s. The early bird may not get the worm. But they are more likely to get the bugs.

  4. The LA Police Department is warning smartphone users to avoid trying to charge their iPhone 6 by putting it in the microwave. In addition, the phone could lose up to 75% of its nutrients.

  5. One of the pilots bombing Syria is a woman. She flies for an F-16 for the United Arab Emirates. A FOX News man was worried. He was afraid she might have hairy crack up.

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