Jumpin’ Joe Biden! — 11 Comments

  1. As a pretty conservative guy, I wish that there weren’t so many “EXTREME” products. I mean, just how extreme could a bag of Doritos chips really be?

  2. The Secret Service said late Friday night that the man who jumped the fence did make it into the White House for a few minutes before being taken away. So the intruder spent more time in the White House this month than the current occupant.

  3. A poll shows that about two-thirds of DC residents favor legalizing pot. If you had to be in the same town with all those politicians, you’d want to be stoned all the time, too.

  4. While exploring the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico scientists discovered an underwater jellyfish-like creature that isn’t a single creature. It’s two creatures in one, called a “siphonophore.” They say the closest thing to it on land is the “Branjelina.”

  5. A Russian brewing company bought Pabst Blue Ribbon. They paid $100 million and the promise Edward Snowden would be a free agent next season.

  6. Six Russian fighter jets were intercepted by American planes off the coast of Alaska last week. Apparently they had a cute new color scheme and wanted Sarah Palin to see it.

  7. The man who jumped the White House fence and entered the president’s residence had a knife. Finally there was someone in the White House who intended to make cuts.

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