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  1. Never joke about the size of your wife’s feet. Calling Sharon “Bigfoot” has put the kisquatch on any bedroom activities for the foreseeable future.

  2. Obama’s Presidential Library could be in either, New York, Illinois or Honolulu. Among many presidential items on display will be Barack’s official limo. But don’t be shocked, because of security it’ll be hoodless.

  3. Scientists studying the remains of King Richard the Third of England say soldiers from an opposing army hacked him to death. Must mean they stole his identity, bought tons of stuff online with his credit card numbers and downloaded nude selfies from his cloud account.

  4. Batter your wife or girl friend — Get suspended without pay until reinstated.

    Batter your child — Get suspended at full pay until reinstated,

    The NFL has clearly defined how they consider the seriousness of both crimes.

    • Any word on where the $400 million Microsoft paid the NFL to require all the teams and their coaches to use the bloated virus magnets they call the “Surface”?
      On air, some of the coaches still call them iPads, and considering all the money Microsoft spent to have them featured in use on the field, that’s

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