Wake up, little Suzuki. — 12 Comments

  1. India’s Food Processing Minister has asked Pepsi to cut down on sugar in its soft drinks. I wondered what happened to Michael Bloomberg.

  2. Michael Sam is now a Rams player and his teammates have absolutely no problem with him in the shower room. Well, except maybe for the rubber ducky.

  3. Tony Stewart is back to NASCAR racing after being involved in that fatal accident three weeks ago. Everything’s the same except for one thing. At Taco Bell drive thru window you’d better not get his order wrong.

  4. Last night I spontaneously began speaking German. After 5 Heinicens, I’m pretty sure it was the beer talking.

  5. The Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt wedding guest list was very small. So apparently their children weren’t invited.

  6. In the last five years, California has had fires, floods, mudslides & earthquakes and people keep moving there. For the climate. Should change the name to Satan’s Drive By.

  7. A couple stopped their car to rescue a chubby prairie dog that was having a hard time squeezing out of a tunnel in the road. Now you have some idea what the birth of Chris Christie was like.

  8. Perhaps Obama’s choice of suit was an attempt to curry favor of Middle East countries like PakisTAN and AfghanisTAN.

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