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  1. Bruce Jenner is reportedly upset at Kris Jenner for revealing his love of Spanx. He wears Spanx to hide belly fat from a post-menopausal weight gain.

  2. A six-year-old boy in China sustained only minor injuries after being run over by an SUV near his Hong Kong home. And today the boy’s doctor cleared him to return to work.

  3. A rare Superman debut comic book sold for a record $3.2 million. And yet the buyer doesn’t pay any rent to his mother while living in her basement.

  4. Italian explorer Alex Bellini has conceived an extraordinary plan to live alone on a drifting iceberg in northwest Greenland for up to a year, or until it melts away – whichever happens first…Big deal, I say. I’ve been living with an iceberg for over 30 years, drifting in a barren, wind-swept bedroom in the wilds of Michigan.

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