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  1. Hostess is closing its Illinois bakery where Twinkies have been produced for 84 years. Eighty-four years producing the same thing. Nothing’s likely to top that, except maybe the Duggar’s baby factory.

  2. A stolen life-sized statue of Barack Obama has been returned to its Pennsylvania owner after being discovered on a nearby picnic bench. Obama disappeared because the life-sized statues of the Secret Service didn’t do their job.

  3. A Miley Cyrus concert planned for the Dominican Republic has been cancelled because government officials say it violates the Dominican Republic’s morality laws. The cancellation has caused an outpouring of protest by both of her fans there.

  4. Hospitals in Washington, DC this week had to deal with several cases of flesh-eating bacteria. Gee, I thought Congress was on vacation.

  5. A British woman vows to become the first female Jihadist to kill an American or British captive. Being a woman, she’ll talk the captive’s head off.

  6. We adopted a Japanese boy 18 years ago. It’s a nightmare getting him up in time for his part-time job. That “Land of the Rising Son” stuff is a load of sushi!

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