What’s the password? — 9 Comments

  1. I was watching some MLB baseball on TV, when my dad walked in and spotted Klayton Kershaw. “Man, that Lesbian can really pitch!” he said.

  2. Some say female softball players are OK with a fastball. Personally, I have not been able to score. Maybe my pitch needs fine-tuning. Or is that whine-tuning?

  3. Hamsters are considered to have one of the shortest memories in the animal kingdom. Apparently, there are no female hamsters.

  4. A Texas woman was permanently scarred after undergoing a new radio frequency anti-aging treatment on her face. Apparently, the procedure did Sirius damage.

  5. A Texas man was arrested and accused of humping a driveway. He was charged with asphalt and battery, but was later released due to a lack of concrete evidence.

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