Jamba Juice next door was fine, though. — 12 Comments

  1. Speaking of Florida, I don’t own any expensive alligator shoes, but my wife does have a pair of neon-green Crocs.

  2. Mcdonalds in Hong Kong reports that due to outdated meat allegedly sold, sales are plummeting. Customers still come back half an hour later, but only to use the toilet.

  3. In order to drastically reduce mortgage costs, more and more people are purchasing tiny homes on wheels. There’s little risk of your home being underwater, unless you try to drive through a puddle.

  4. A North Carolina restaurant gives a 15% discount to patrons who pray publicly before their meal. Conversely, I had 15% added to my check at a local greasy spoon because I prayed after my meal.

  5. Researchers have developed a mathematical equation to predict happiness. For Chris Christie, happiness = pi squared.

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