Fox News is biased? Say it isn’t so. — 10 Comments

  1. I’m getting tired of all this LeBron coverage. But I guess we can be grateful his plane didn’t disappear over the Indian Ocean.

  2. LeBron’s heartfelt letter to Sports Illustrated announcing his decision to return to Cleveland has received high praise. Look for Hillary Clinton to return home to Arkansas and announce she’s running for President in a letter to Time.

  3. There have been so many people pulled over for DUI on a road near where I live it has earned the nickname “The Stupor Highway.”

  4. A blonde spotted at the World Soccer games was signed to a modeling contract…until photos surfaced of the German beauty with Big Game trophies. She commented (for reals) “It’s not life or death. It is more important than that.” What fresh Hell is this?

  5. I was detained by the police last night, and it was most embarrassing. They told the press I was a person of no interest whatsoever. Very dull in fact.

  6. North Korea state news reports that their country has reached the finals of the World Cup, and are preparing to announce victory tomorrow. They have a ready to use Photoshop picture of President Kim Jong-un hoisting the trophy. Too bad it’s The Stanley Cup.

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