On a collision course. — 10 Comments

  1. In a move to drive the last few marginally sane republicans out of the election process, the Republican National Committee has announced that they will hold their 2016 convention in Cleveland. Using a Hail Mary / poison pill style defense plan, Cleveland has asked Rob Ford to come to the U.S. and be their interim mayor.

  2. Proving he’s still got it, Donald Sterling says of undocumented kids coming into the US, ‘Looks like Mexico is having another oil spill in Texas.’

  3. Van Nuys, California, plans to name their new post office after Marilyn Monroe. Proving they’re really just out to screw everyone, D.C. calls their’s “Ron Jeremy Post Office.”

  4. Human trafficking is awful when it includes the elderly. I mean, how many miles should you follow that Buick with its left turn signal blinking before you start honking your horn and screaming?

  5. Kim Karsashian at the Paris Fashion Week wearing plunging necklines with lots of cleavage. She showed so much, Paristas are calling her the “Hunchfront of Notre Dame.”

  6. Comedian Marcus Tisdale released a video of him pretending to smoke crack on a San Francisco street, and getting a minimum reaction from passing people. Well, duh, it’s San Francisco. If he wanted the reaction to be outrage, he should have smoked a regular cigarette.

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