It’s always Sunni in Iraq. — 14 Comments

  1. In support of the gay community, a Burger King franchise in San Francisco added a limited edition “Proud Whopper” sandwich to the menu. Appropriately, the sandwich is a large piece of meat between two buns. Fortunately, no consideration was given to changing the restaurant’s name to Burger Queen.

  2. How appropriate that Arthur is a category number 2 storm since he is crapping on North Carolina’s Independence Day.

  3. Happy birthday America and here is a gift you won’t get from anybody else. I admit I voted for Nixon!

  4. Native Americans are now after the Cleveland Indians to change their name. Team executives may cave in and are considering changing the team name to The Atlanta Braves.

  5. Nissan cars are now being checked for “unwanted acceleration”. This answers the question – Whatever happened to those Toyota engineers that were fired?

  6. Congrats to Joey Chestnut for not just winning the annual Hot Dog eating contest at Coney Island, but also for proposing to his GF before the contest. She said “Yes”! (Guess what they’ll be serving for a main course at the wedding)

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