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  1. Chris Christie has narrowed the gap with Hillary Clinton in Iowa, a new poll says. But Christie’s likelihood of beating Hillary is still a fat chance.

  2. I like the USA’s chances against Germany in the World Cup. Several Mexican players have crossed over to our team.

  3. I have decided to opt out of the final two years of my contract with “Always Funny” and become an unrestricted free agent.

  4. Katy Perry offered to write Hillary Clinton’s theme song if Hillary runs again for President in 2016. And Bill offered to spend some private time consulting with Katy while she works on it.

  5. A Florida mother of two has been arrested for branding her kids. Ladies and gentlemen, enough is enough. A sports stadium is one thing … But Yahoo Bobby and Google Jenny is going too far.

  6. The “Hypnotist Bandit” is robbing banks all over Southern Cal … Not only do the tellers hand over all the cash, he gets them to bark like a dog.

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