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  1. The mosquito-transmitted chikungunya virus made its first appearance in North Carolina. Chikungunya’s next appearance will be in DC, at the National Spelling Bee.

  2. Doctors removed a 27-pound tumor from a Georgia woman. It was the biggest tumor removed from a woman since the birth of Justin Bieber.

  3. Chris Christie is so fat, when he danced around The Tonight Show stage, he danced AROUND THE TONIGHT SHOW STAGE!

  4. Madonna’s daughter Lourdes graduated high school. That means mom had “the talk” with daughter … She told her the casting couch is 36 inches wide by 6 feet long.

  5. Jihadists rebels overran Iraq and grabbed all the old US military vehicles. But not to worry. They were built by GM … The ignitions will blow up any minute.

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