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  1. Researchers have determined that the Earth is 60 millions years older than previously thought. Don’t fret Mother Earth, 60 million is the new 50 million.

  2. My doctor prescribed something new for my insomnia this week. Something called “The World Cup Soccer.”

  3. Eric Cantor was the former darling of the Tea Party and at first very very Tea Party, but now, not Tea Party enough. Classic case of feeding the beast that winds up eating you. Kind of a Siegfried and Roy thing.

  4. Saturday night was Portland’s annual naked bike ride. Best job to have in the city that night … Seat warmer.

  5. A Tennessee man confessed to killing a woman, cutting up her body and eating part of it … He has been charged with first degree murder, abuse of a corpse and improper marinating.

  6. Native Americans who want the name of the Washington Redskins changed will air an ad during halftime at NBA Finals Game 3 … Followed by an all-you-can-eat buffet, gaming for mom and dad and swimming for the kids.

  7. Queen Elizabeth has bought a Mcdonalds franchise. Not to be outdone, he husband Phillip has purchased a Burger King.

    Headline in The London Times: Phillip has a Whopper – God Save the Queen!!!!

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