Will Harry Caray Marry Terry? — 19 Comments

  1. The Miami Heat can’t stand the heat. The a/c broke down at San Antonio’s AT&T Center for tonight’s NBA game. It was so hot that the Heat’s Chris Bosh was putting ice on his neck and LeBron James cramped up and had to be carried off the floor in the 4th quarter. The Spurs won by 15 points and are now planning to install heated benches for the visitors in game 2.

  2. My wife is a Librarian, but oddly enough, the poor woman is seriously lacking any shelf-awareness…

  3. I used to date a dog who liked to cat around. I’d hear her come home at 4AM: “Bow-Meow.” One confused bitch.

  4. A Chinese National is stuck in South Korea after his 4-year-old son drew all over his passport. He also scribbled a mustache and crazy eyes on the picture so it was no longer recognizable. The man’s only explanation to Customs officials was “I guess we all don’t look the same”.

  5. Donald Sterling attended a black church service in South L.A. Sunday … What shocked him the most was when a woman walked into the whites only restroom.

  6. Harvard has a book in their library written in the 1930’s bound in human skin. So, big deal? I’ve got a hoodie made out of human skin … Course, most people call it bald.

  7. A Detroit man returning his girlfriend back from a mental health facility in Arizona carried on driving for 24-hours even after he discovered she had died … He first noticed something was wrong when the flies ate more of her Big Mac that she did.

  8. Sorry I haven’t written any good jokes recently. I’m in a place with no air conditioning, and I got writer’s cramp.

  9. An obese man allegedly tried to hide 40 bags of heroin in his belly button. In his rectum, police discovered a rolling meth lab.

  10. Florida officials are using doughnuts to attract, count black bears. New Jersey officials do the same when they want an audience with the governor.

  11. Authorities say a customer at a Massachusetts restaurant became sick when an employee mistakenly sprinkled a chemical cleaner on food instead of grated cheese. The good news is the customer’s palate was cleansed.

  12. A woman is accused of living with a veteran’s corpse for six months. Apparently, the woman has no sense of decency, no sense of right and wrong, and no sense of smell.

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