Will’s charming in his own way… — 9 Comments

  1. Junior High was a nightmare for me. A big kid with a “fro” tormented my days. I still have panic attacks when I relive those years of the…Wooly Bully.

    • Will, about the same time department stores starting having a one-day sale on Saturday with a preview day on Friday.

  2. Obama launched a new get-tough policy on cole … Our commander-in-chief ordained that every radio station in every state must play at least one Nat King song every hour.

  3. After 90 years, WGN radio has decided not to carry the Chicago Cubs anymore. So have they decided to go with programming that’s more likely to have a happy ending, like opera?

  4. The NFL is ditching Roman numerals for their Super Bowl in San Francisco, and instead of “L” will go with the Arabic number 50. Clearly this is Obama’s fault.

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