Pat Sajak wouldn’t approve. — 14 Comments

  1. 1. She was the cute “Girl Next Door.”
    2. I bought a high-def digital video camera.
    3. Now she is “The Trouble-Maker Next Door.”

  2. University of Tennessee frat was suspended for pouring hot sauce on pledges’ genitals. Goodness gracious, great balls of fire!

  3. The Pope needs a new publicist. His visit to the Middle East would have generated a lot more buzz if he had married a Kardashian.

  4. Charlie Sheen made a guest appearance on ESPN’s ‘Baseball Tonight’ at Cincinnati’s Great American Ballpark. Then he snorted the third baseline.

  5. Tennessee reinstated the electric chair for death-row inmates. Of course it’s been updated and modernized … They tell inmates, “You’ve just won a brand new Tesla!”

  6. Burger King will now deliver your Whopper. No need to reheat though … It’s hot from the same evil fires that power Miley Cyrus.

  7. Kurt Busch raced in the Indy 500 Sunday morning and the NASCAR Charlotte 600 Sunday night … Amazing. Eleven hundred miles of driving and not one gas station hot dog.

  8. Adam Sandler’s latest movie is appropriately called ‘Blended’ cause it’s a mix of ‘Ishtar’ and ‘Heaven’s Gate.’

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