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  1. The King of Pop slayed them at the Billboard Music Awards Sunday night. Michael Jackson was resurrected from the dead in hologram form, …come on, Michael, just beat it, would you?

  2. A Russian woman gave birth to twins on a flight from Zyryanka to Yakutsk … Fortunately there was a ticket agent on board and the airline was able to charge her for the extra seats.

  3. Barbra Walters is finally hanging up her hat and retiring. Records show her first interview was with Madonna … Not the singer, Jesus’ mom.

  4. Some health officials are calling for pictures of obese people on packages of fatty foods to curb unhealthy eating. Democrats will be pushing for a picture of Chris Christie on Ding Dongs.

  5. A British man assaulted his wife and locked her in their garden shed after she wouldn’t stop singing “ding dong, the witch is dead” after his mom died. She’s lucky he didn’t arrange for the shed to fall on her.

  6. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West announced they will give guests a ‘private surprise tour’ of the Palace Of Versailles the night before their wedding. This could be risky–Kanye may be late for the wedding after lingering in the Hall of Mirrors.

  7. BREAKING NEWS: Kendall Jenner has been scratched from list of people giving toasts at Kim Kardashian’s wedding reception.

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