Words of a Persian Cat.

JERRY W says:

The video channel “Funny or Die” has opened a branch office in Iran, to be headed by the last Islamic comedian, Yu Mustaph bin Kyddian Meh. It will be called “Laugh or your entire family dies”.


Words of a Persian Cat. — 11 Comments

  1. Retired military leaders fear that today’s kids will be too fat to fight. It’s not good when the army needs backhoes to dig foxholes.

  2. Tara the famous cat that saved a boy from a dog attack will toss out the first pitch at a minor league baseball game. Not sure if Tara will serve up a fastball, curveball, or furball.

  3. The USPS will be issuing a Harvey Milk forever postage stamp. You just know stamp collectors will be asking postal clerks, “Got Milk?”

  4. A masturbation girl game called HappyPlayTime was banned by Apple Store. Apple felt the controversial game would put them in the hole. Perhaps it would be more appropriate for Xbox.

  5. A TV reporter grabbed a pile of human feces and sniffed it for a report. She was then asked to leave the US Capitol.

  6. A cloud of sugar was found in the center of the Milky Way. Scientists also discovered an asteroid of cocoa butter and planet of corn syrup. In related news, Chris Christie proposed a significant increase in spending on space travel.

  7. My wife says I’m not very adventurous, but I consider myself a rebel…for not having any tattoos. No dragons on dis guy!

  8. A group of Vietnam War Reenactors are trudging through Western Oregon playing 60’s war games. But boy, are they really disappointed Marlon Brando couldn’t be there with them … They needed a big star to play Laos.  

  9. A massive oil spill burst upon the streets of downtown Los Angeles last Thursday morning, splattering oil on everything within a half-mile radius … In other news, Bruce Jenner was spotted in downtown LA without makeup.

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