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  1. Justin Bieber is being investigated in an alleged robbery attempt. Hopefully, he will put in an interrogation room with Solange Knowles.

  2. Seattle, Washington, says they will raise minimum wage to $15 … It was either that, or lower the price of Doritos.

  3. A Russian space capsule with three astronauts who spent six months aboard the International Space Station returned to Earth Wednesday … Their first words: ‘Did Boris get Tweet?’ “From space Ukraine look like fertile peasant woman.”

  4. Clay Aiken won the Democratic primary for North Carolina’s congressional seat. He won on his platform, “Get America Back to the People.” His opponent lost on his platform, “At The Morgue.”
    A Jap

  5. A Japanese company has developed a battery made from the same elements as your T-shirt. It’s cheap to make and can be recharged a million times, but like your T-shirt has one big side effect; It smells … They call it the “Russell Crowe.”

  6. A woman accused Justin Bieber of stealing her cell phone at a miniature golf course. So far Bieber has not commented. We are waiting to hear what happened straight from the clown’s mouth.

  7. Charles Barkley said that San Antonio women are fat. Apparently, they remember the Alamo and the a la Mode.

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