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  1. Happy 89th Birthday to Yogi Berra!!!!

    A couple of years ago in Florida, Yogi took a nasty fall and banged his head. His family became very concerned when they visited him in the hospital and the doctors told them he was saying stuff that actually made sense.

  2. Secret Service claims in 1998 it caught an Israeli agent spying in Al Gore’s bathroom. He was really looking for Hillary’s … But he learned a very inconvenient truth.

  3. To stop bird strikes, the People’s Air Force of China trained monkeys to keep birds from nesting near the air force runways. But they were Darwined … Now the monkeys want their own KFC franchise.

  4. It’s very brave of the St. Louis Rams to hire the first gay player, Michael Sam … It’s one step too far for him to want the Chippendale dancers as cheerleaders.

  5. Dracula’s castle is for sale. Appropriately, the sale of the estate is being handled by a bloodsucking lawyer.

  6. Bruce and Kris Jenner disagree on the cause of their separation. It’s a matter of he-she said she said.

  7. Boston police are trying to get motorists to use their turn signals and came up with the humorous sign reading: “Use yah blinkah.” In related news, Miami police are posting signs asking motorists to turn off their turn signals.

  8. A Florida teen graduated from high school and college in the same week. After not finding a job, in one week she will go from her own place to her parents’ basement.

  9. A security camera caught a couple having sex in an elevator. They got off on the eighth floor then they exited the elevator.

  10. Elevator security footage shows Solange Knowles kicking and swinging at Jay-Z. Perhaps Solange let it rip cause Jay-Z let it rip.

  11. Donald Sterling said Magic Johnson is a bad example for LA kids. Well Sterling is a bad example not only for LA kids, but New York kids, Miami kids, fat kids, skinny kids, kids that climb on rocks, tough kids, sissy kids, even kids with chickenpox.

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