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  1. Here’s a great magic trick that will amaze your friends, in a flash you can make a house disappear and here is how you do it:
    #1, get married in a community property state (this also applies to same sex marriages).
    #2, ignore friends advice about getting a prenup agreement.
    #3, poof, your house is gone.
    Simple, huh?

  2. First the Raiderettes sued for low pay, then the Bills cheerleaders complained about “jiggle” tests and having to pay for their oufits. Now a Jets cheerleader is suing for not being paid. Look for the NFL to use Replacement Cheerleaders this year.

  3. Alibaba Holdings, a Chinese internet provider has filed IPO papers in Wall Street hoping to raise $160 billion. What do you say to a Chinese multi-billionaire? Excuse me sir, how would you like my dog cooked?

  4. Uruguay has become the first country in the world to legalize the cultivation, sale, and smoking of marijuana … They’ll be so high, there’s not an observatory on Earth that will see them.

  5. Recently uncovered emails prove that Google was helping the NSA spy on us … If you don’t believe it, just Google “Liar liar, pants on fire.”

  6. Students at University Laval, Québec, Canada, have developed a gas powered car that goes 2,824 miles on a single gallon … Of course that’s based on the driver always eating at Taco Bell.

  7. There’s some construction going on behind a local theater. Right next to the back entrance to the theater they set up a portable toilet. It’s a real stage door johnny.

  8. Some of the L.A. Clippers are concerned that if Oprah buys the team she’ll want a complete makeover.

    It’ll be tough on the concession people, too — trying to guess which diet she’s on this week.

  9. Police have released 911 tapes involving Colin Kaepernick and WR Quinton Patton of the 49ers along with Seahawk’s Ricardo Lockette. An unknown male voice states “There’s a naked woman in the hotel bed and she won’t leave”. I’m wondering if she was trying to get them to escort her to a Clippers game.

  10. I learned a new word this week – Volcanoist. It’s someone that spends all day researching “Ash Holes”. This job description could also apply to the NBA Commissioner.

  11. A man’s request to marry his ‘porn-filled’ computer was rejected by a Florida judge. That’s a shame–the bride would have been all prepared to wear something ‘blue.’

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