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  1. Iowa middle school students were busted for trying to bake pot cookies in home ec class. I imagine they baked them at 420 degrees.

  2. The Toronto public library was asked to shelve Dr. Seuss’ ‘Hop on Pop’ because it promotes violence–murder if the one doing the hopping is Rob Ford.

  3. The Toronto public library was asked to shelve Dr. Seuss’ ‘Hop on Pop’ because it promotes violence. The library was also asked to remove Rob Ford’s ‘Hopped-up on Pot.’

  4. The second annual Palestinian Fashion Week kicked off Thursday in the West Bank city of Ramallah. Models wore matching shoes and suicide belts.

  5. My wife wears too much eye shadow. People look at me with disapproving looks, like I punched her in the face. It wasn’t me. Blame Maybelline!

  6. Rush Limbaugh has a theory that Donald Sterling was setup by Magic Johnson so he could buy the Clippers for a song … Gee, would that song be, “That Old Black Magic”?

  7. Research says future homes will be run with harvested power from our toilet flushes … I’m not flushing till you give me that remote!

    Hey, you haven’t flushed this for two weeks! I know, I’m waiting for a rerun of MacGyver.

  8. Scientists say we can harvest electric power from toilet flushes … Amazing. One night of The Kardashians could power all of Chicago.

  9. Last year I visited Churchill Downs to watch the Kentucky Derby. Ironically, I missed it cause I drank too much beer and had to piss like a racehorse.

    • hahahaha; the annual “Run for the Restrooms” You’d look marvelous with a Mint Julep, Gary.

      I’m gonna guess you ran faster to the can than the nag I put $2 on today. In today’s PC world, we can’t mention “glue factory” anymore, so it’s “finish line challenged”

      • TC, you can use the phrase “Glue Factory”, but only after the last horse crosses the finish line, which is estimated to occur about 4am tomorrow. And yes, that’s the same one I put my $2.00 on.

  10. The subway train that derailed in New York City was the express F train–now renamed by passengers as the FN train.

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