Signs point to yes.


The primary election must be coming up because the politicians’ yard signs are sprouting up. In my neighborhood I’ve seen signs that say “Jim Johnson for Commissioner” and “Mary Miller for Auditor.” And some signs for a guy named Coldwell Banker who’s running for Sale.


Signs point to yes. — 8 Comments

  1. A Portland church plans to spread the Gospel to strippers by bringing them baked goods. So if you wear pasties, you’ll get some pastries. Unfortunately, after consuming all those baked goods, there won’t be many requests for lap dances.

  2. I stumbled into a bar populated by plenty of young, female cops. Very quickly, it was clear that I was a person of dis-interest.

  3. Subway has developed a sandwich to raise money for that rapper who cut off his penis … Called the Five Cent Inch Long.

  4. An inmate in Kentucky jailed for drug possession went on a hunger strike and died … When you’re an addict, nothing replaces Doritos.

  5. That Putin is one tough character. Last time he shaved his chest he cut off a nipple … And he didn’t even cry.

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