Did he take a Mulligan? — 11 Comments

  1. A San Francisco 49ers fan started a petition asking the city’s public transportation system not to outfit its cars with the colors of rival Seattle Seahawks. In related news, New Yorkers are upset that subway seats are the color of the Cleveland Browns.

  2. You’d break open a little packet of the proposed powdered alcohol and drop it into water to get one drink. If none of the traditional taste and aroma is lost, you could still get your head caught in a brandy snifter.

  3. A pistol claimed to be the one Wyatt Earp used in the shootout at the O.K. Corral has sold at auction for $225,000 … The gunfight was back in 1881, when men were men and women were women, and a “Saturday Night Special” was bringing a lump of sugar to your favorite sheep.

  4. A South African journalist claims Oscar Pistorius took acting lessons to help prepare him to give testimony during his murder trial. I’m guessing no one told him to “break a leg.”

  5. A sixteen year old boy survived a flight from San Jose to Hawaii stowed away in the wheel well of a 767 … Doctors are attributing his survival to a strong constitution, tying himself in, and not watching the inflight movie, “Noah.”

  6. An LA rapper cut off his penis and jumped from an apartment balcony. He survived the fall, but the reattachment failed … He went from a bitchin’ rapper to an out of work bitch in a single slice.

  7. Some married couples call each other “pet” names. I think it sucks, to be perfectly honest, when Sharon calls me “Count Chunkula.”

  8. Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to revive his acting career by playing a classical music composer. He told reporters, “I’ll be Bach.”

  9. The Easter Egg Roll was held yesterday at the White House. Unfortunately, the event started late–you know how much trouble this administration has with rollouts.

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