Bubba of a different color. — 9 Comments

  1. Never ask the crowd at comedy clubs if they have any “requests” when you’re doing impressions…someone is sure to ask you to “Do a funny comic.”

  2. My religious upbringing left a lot to be desired. For the longest time I thought Maundy Thursday was the flip side of a Mamas and Papas hit.

  3. Chelsea Clinton announced that she’s going to have a baby. It’ll be Hillary’s first grandchild. Bill’s too, as far as he knows.

  4. The arts and crafts chain Michaels is the latest to be hit by a security breach. The company said that about 2.6 million customer credit and debit cards used at its stores may have been affected. Worrisome news for a lot of women and almost a dozen men.

  5. In order to clean out the city’s drinking supply, Portland officials will flush 38 million gallons of water from the Mt. Tabor Reservoir after a man was seen urinating in it. That’s the biggest flush since Chris Christie dumped a load after an eating binge.

  6. The Association of Teachers and Lecturers is warning that iPad addiction is leaving an increasing number of infants unable to “play with building blocks.” Apple responded by offering a building blocks app.

  7. Former N.Y. Mayor Michael Bloomberg to spend $50M promoting gun control. He wants to ban all firearms bigger than 16 caliber.

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