Worth two in the Bush.

JERRY W says:

An art exhibit is opening at the George W. Bush Library and will feature many of the paintings W’s done since being run out of the White House. It’s worth noting that he did a great job on them, no matter how closely you look you can hardly see the numbers under the colors. As a side note, the library’s book section still features both of his favorite books, including the one that’s not colored in yet.


Worth two in the Bush. — 16 Comments

  1. Legendary actor Mickey Rooney has passed away. Hundreds are expected to attend his funeral–and that’s just his ex-wives.

  2. Phrases you won’t hear on cable news networks: FOX–“Good news for the President”; MSNBC–“Bad news for the President”; CNN–“In other news.”

  3. Sad to hear about Mickey Rooney’s passing, I’ll always remember him saying in an interview “An elevator smells different to a guy my size than it does to you”.

  4. A woman smuggled a kidnapped 3-day-old baby out of a Pittsburgh hospital in a handbag. Possible headlines: Gucci Goochy Goo? Pittsburgh Stealer?

  5. The George W. Bush Museum in Dallas is displaying the ex-president’s art work. Not sure that W. understands what “painting” really means … His three favorites are, stucco, sheetrock, and plywood.

  6. I went to my 20-something, blonde, female, dentist. She ordered me to open, wide: “You know the drill.”

  7. So one team no one much cares about vs. one team most of America hates. Made sense to play NCAA final at A T & T stadium in “North Texas.” It was the basketball equivalent of some Dallas Cowboys games.

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