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  1. The missing Malaysian jetliner has become a real made-for-TV mystery. Could it have gone here? Why didn’t it go there? Where are all the people now? Strangely, these are the same questions asked about Mark Hamill’s career.

  2. New research suggests Native Americans’ ancestors got stuck on a land bridge on the way to America. Researchers blame an ancestor of Chris Christie.

  3. Dollars & Scents…In Colorado and Washington state where is weed is legal, bank tellers are expected to do a “sniff test” on currency because Federal law still outlaws pot money. Where can I apply??

  4. Canada defeated Russia 8-2 in Paralympic curling to win another Gold Medal. A very old Russian judge gave the Soviet team a perfect 6.0 vs 4.1 for Canada.

  5. Rapper Tyler, The Creator, was arrested Saturday for allegedly inciting a riot during the South By Southwest music festival. Authorities said the genesis of the riot occured when Tyler said, “Let there be fight!”

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