It would be an accident, of course. — 8 Comments

  1. Chevrolet has announced plans to build and sell their small electrically powered car in Israel, it’s a special 2015 version and it will be marketed under the name “Geh-Volt”. A high-powered racy version will also be built, easily recognizable by the prefix “Oy” added in front of “Geh-Volt”.

  2. Loved President Obama on the Zach Galifianakis show “Between 2 Ferns.” Wonder if next he’ll promote ACA by twirling a sign on Pennsylvania Ave wearing a giant syringe costume?

  3. A Pennsylvania woman says she was abandoned as a baby in a Burger King bathroom 27 years ago … Her mother was very specific, when she ordered her Whopper she said, ‘No small fries.’

  4. Edward Snowden talked via satellite to a group of Texas techies from a secret location in Russia … Yes, the location was secret, but I hear it rhymes with “Migraine.”

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