I’ll keep a pink eye out for him. — 15 Comments

  1. A 79-year-old Massachusetts woman reportedly pulled a gun on a man who shoveled her driveway without asking and then demanded cash. Apparently, she thought he was pulling a snow job.

  2. President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper have bet cases of beer on the USA-Canada hockey games. Guess they didn’t want to wager with some real stakes. Like with a USA win we send back Bieber and with a Canada win they send us Rob Ford?

  3. United Airlines will be cutting 240 jobs in Canada, saying they will be outsourced. So now when Canadians returning home call customer service about missing luggage, both the bags and the United agent will be at the same location – Pakistan.

  4. 1-800-Flowers screwed up customer deliveries for Valentine’s Day. Flowers that were supposed to be delivered to Samuel L Jackson were mistakenly sent to Laurence Fishburne.

  5. A father was killed by his teenage son at an Internet cafe over violent video games. The bad news is the teen will be going to jail. The good news is the killing advanced him to the next level.

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