Were they found in a Pig Pen? — 10 Comments

  1. If the FCC allows talking into cellphones in flight, some frequent fliers recommend a mouth-off solution: open a door and throw a cellphone-talking mouth off the plane. And if the location’s right, make the mouth water. Open a door and throw it into the ocean.

  2. Indiana University had to postpone a home basketball game when a huge metal beam fell from the ceiling and crashed into the seats. Indiana’s arena is named Assembly Hall. Some re-Assembly is now required.

  3. This is embarrassing, but when of these sleek models glides by, I can’t help gawking. My name is Will, and I am a Porschephile.

  4. A 101-year-old Florida man is running for Congress. (More like he’s shuffling for Congress.) Not sure Floridians will vote for someone from the younger generation.

  5. Some people in Colorado thought they were trying out for the Olympic Team. Imagine their disappointment when they were told the event was the Halfpipe, not the Hash Pipe.

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