So far, so good, Sochi — 14 Comments

  1. After Kim Kardashian spent a few hours with a psychiatrist talking about her feeling of being followed, the doctor asked her to describe who was following her. She quickly said she thought it was two short bald fat guys, but the doctor hesitated to speak because he was thinking of how much he could lose in billable hours if he told her it was just her ass.

  2. Michael Sam, top rated NFL draft pick says he’s gay. He wants to be treated like any other player; locker room, shower, all the same … The only difference, he wants a pink cup.

  3. On “Antiques Roadshow” a woman was shocked to discover her collection of Charles Schultz sketches were valued at close to $30,000. Did she really expect them to be only worth peanuts?

  4. A giant sinkhole has consumed eight Corvettes displayed at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky. I know the vibe! Whenever my wife wants to drive my Corvette, I get a huge sinking feeling…

  5. Let me guess, this would be from DFW ATC? – “Good day, American 610, maintain 5,000″… “JetBlue 96, get that piece of crap you’re flying ready for final approach”… “Delta 147, turn your piece of crap left and follow the JetBlue piece of crap in front, you’re #2 for runway 36R”.

  6. The Associated Press reports that airlines often try to land at the wrong airport. Actually, they’re just dropping off your luggage.

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